Info on we buy houses in reading pa from local sellers

Does your home need major repair do you need to sell quickly for cash while our next guests late Levada real estate expert investor and real estate broker for first prime Realty Group is here to tell us how he can buy your home for cash.

Hello sir welcome to you how are you good, Good thank you glad to be here alright what types of homes do you buy and sellers do you buy from I buy unwanted homes that need massive repairs where the sellers need to sell quickly. If you are facing some sort of hardships such as a divorce relocation job loss or death in the family then. check over here for we buy houses in reading pa from local sellers

I can help so why would a seller then choose to sell to you most of the homes. I buy need thousands of dollars of repairs and the homeowner can’t afford to complete them a cash buyer like myself can buy these homes and make the repairs most buyers are unable or unwilling to buy these homes getting a loan on these properties can be very challenging or impossible this is worth selling to a cash buyer like myself becomes necessary so once you buy the properties what do you do after we buy houses, we do one of two things.

We either keep them as long-term rentals in our real estate portfolio or we fix them up and place them back on the market for resale so a loan buyer can purchase them. We want every deal to be a win-win situation for everyone. We like buying these homes because it allows us to help home owners and sellers out of a bad situation and really they can start over fresh.

It’s really like a new beginning for most sellers. Now does the seller pay a real estate Commission on this the homes I buy have no real estate commission as part of the sale and I pay for all the seller ordinary closing costs when I buy these homes the seller doesn’t need to pay for cost repairs or fix ups this is and as is sale I will also handle any unwanted items after the sale if the seller can’t just leave what you don’t want in the property and I’ll take care of the rest you can get your cash and move out and move on.