Lamp Shades- A Review

Determining where to use large lamp shades can be a challenge for the home owner with very little open space. If you live in an apartment, a large lamp shade could be an oddball, but it would suit the decor well if you have a balcony or a covered open space in your house.

While smaller shades are great for the kitchen or the bathroom, larger shades can add accent to a large living room or a covered open space where you tend to spend a lot of time.

Many manufacturers and retailers have an excellent customer service staff that can visit your home and identify areas where it can be used. You can also get services and recommendations online by sending in the specifications of your home interior. Most are happy to give you feedback on where large shades can be used.

By choosing from a wide array of designs beginning from drum shaped traditional Lamp Shades to conical or any other artistic figures, you can place your order online. To make your home interior look great and inviting, you can easily spend anything from $10 to $400 for the large lamp shades. These large shades were in vogue earlier and the fad lasted till the 1980’s after which the smaller shades caught up in popularity.

More and more home owners however are again buying large shades since they complement the look of the interior decor and add accent to large spaces. Glass shades can be kept in-house and fabric makes can be used outside.

For your cozy bedroom, you can use silk shades as it adds to the warmth. Most online retailers offer fabulous discounts and if you are on the lookout, you could pick up a great looking lamp or shade for much less than you’ll pay in a retail outlet.

As there are many online sellers and you can benefit from bargains and offers that are loaded up during special buying seasons. Even for replacement shades, the larger ones are great alternatives to change the look for your home.

The need for illumination makes large lamp shades so popular. Ceiling, study or the floors of your home could look great with these shades. Large shades also provide a livelier look for the space and sort of encompass the light. Shades made from raw hide are popular for their rusticity and mostly seen in log homes as part of western decor.

Many homes in the western part of the US have these shades. Rawhide shades are practically designed and great for any type of home interior. They are also popular in antler lamps and chandeliers well.